Do aftermarket sunroofs leak? 

Our sunroofs are equipped with a water management system to help prevent water in the interior of your vehicle.

Does an open sunroof cause buffeting?

Buffeting occurs when air flow within the vehicle gets trapped.  This is also common in many vehicles without a sunroof when only one window is opened within the vehicle. In most cases, this buffeting can be eliminated by either cracking open a window to allow are pressure to escape or by closing the sunroof panel by an inch or so (from fully open) to redirect the air flow.

Can I get a panoramic sunroof for my vehicle? 

A panoramic or multi panel roof is only available through the dealer as a factory option.


Limited lifetime warranty.

Is there a sunshade?

Yes. Our power inbuilt sunroof are equipped with a headliner matching sunshade that will block the sun out completely, if desired.

Sunroof features?

Glass panel that retracts between the roof skin and the headliner.  Can also be vented in the rear.  One touch open and close with auto close.

Ultimate Spray-In Bedliners

How thick is the Spray-In Bedliner?

It depends on the area, it’s anywhere from 65-85 mil thick.

Can I have my wheels wells sprayed?

We cannot do it because of the type of high pressure spray.

Can I have my bedliner in a different color?

No, that is not something we offer. We are production based, single color.

What is the warranty on the spray-in bedliner?

Limited Lifetime Warranty. *Does not include punctures

Can the inside of a utility van be sprayed? 

Yes, we are able to spray the inside of a utility or cargo van.

Can you spray over the bed rails?  

No. Because the bed rails are plastic, they are not sprayed.

How long does it take to spray?  

Most of the work is is in the prep, as it only takes about 10 minutes to spray the bed. Time may vary, depending on the size of the area sprayed.

How long does it take to dry?   

Our product is applied with high pressure and dries with in minutes.

Leather Interiors

Does the leather replace the cloth or is it a slip cover?

The leather replaces the cloth just as if it was installed by the factory.

Can I keep my cloth covers?  

Yes.  Just let us know that you would like to save your cloth seat covers and we will carefully remove them and put them in a box for you for a few extra dollars.

Can I replace my current leather seats?

On some vehicles the answer is yes.  We purchase kits that are pre-made and are meant to replace factory cloth.  Some of these kits have the same pattern lines that allow up to replace the factory leather as well. It’s best to call to determine if this can be done for your car.

I have factory leather and all I need is the driver seat cover replaced.

There are many different dye lots and grains of leather out there…. most likely if we were to order a replacement cover it will not quite match the factory color and grain.